Monday, August 22, 2022

Frederick County Duets

(I can't believe I failed to post this.  The event was in June!  My bad...) 

What a morning!  The Frederick County Music Teachers Association had their end-of-the-year meeting this morning.  Typically, at this particular meeting, we gather for coffee and conversation, no set agenda, just reminiscing about the year past and dreaming about the year to come. 

This morning, however, was a little but different.  Back in March, I challenged the teachers to a Duet duel!  Buddy up with a partner, practice a duet of their own choosing, and perform for each other at this meeting.  Oh, what fun!

The opening number was a one piano, 4 hands transcription of Beethoven’s 5th – OMG, it was like the entire orchestra was right there in front of us!  The sound one can get out of a grand piano in an acoustically live room is immense!  We heard Brahms’ Liebeslieder,  Dvorak’s ­­­­Slavonic Dances, Faure’s  Dolly Suite,  Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite, and a Prelude in G Major, by Melody Bober, for 6 hands!  We decided those 6 hands should be connected to younger bodies; we didn’t fit on the piano bench, had to bring in an extra chair. 

Although our event was not advertised, not a public event per se, it was a great way to end a year of in-person performances by our students.  For most of the pandemic, our student performances were limited, or online.  This year we were fortunate to host a few recitals in person, and what a difference live music makes!  Not wanting to be left out, I guess, we decided to do our own Duet Recital.  I can’t wait ‘til next year when we do it again! 

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