Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have not been a good blogger, now have I?  I intend to amend that situation, starting today.  I intend to write something at least once a week.  All "the best laid plans" aside, I hope I can meet my challenge.  Too often, the computer means Spider Solitaire and FreeCell.  I hope to amend that practice as well.

My Spring Recital is just a week away.  In past years, my student base included elementary to high school students.  This year, I find all my students are elementary age, and most are beginners.  I'm working on the program tonight.  My theme this year is Mostly Mozart.  A relatively seasoned student complained he'd been "working on that Mozart piece for so long", why not something else for the recital?  It's a thin line, between introducing recital material too early or starting too late to master for performance.  And yes, we have been working on Mozart for quite some time, but there is still room for improvement, still need to practice and review, to polish for performance.  He gets it; he's just ready to move on.  One more week...