Monday, September 16, 2019

End of Summer Coup

Such fun!  My summer students performed Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals yesterday evening, to the delight of all in attendance.  We had been working on it all summer.  Each of my students had a part, even the adults!  What a coup!  This was a first for me, children and adult students playing for each other.  I was so pleased with everyone's performance, from the Royal Lions to the Swans, from the Characters with Long Ears to the Fossils, the Elephants and the salmon-pink Japanese Angel Fish.  The Swan was played especially well, truly evoking a swan gliding on a pond in the silver moonlight, and brought a tear to my eye.

Originally scored for two pianos, two violins, viola, cello, double bass, flute (and piccolo), clarinet C and B), glass harmonica, and xylophoneSaint-Saens wrote the orchestral version in 1886, as a joke really.  He was deeply immersed in his Symphony #3 and needed a diversion.  He allowed only one performance in March 1886.  It was not until after he died that the manuscript was rediscovered, and it has been a favorite of concert-goers ever since!  

Hans-Gunter Heumann composed our piano arrangement, and Vicco von Bulow (better known as LORIOT) provided the narrative.  One note from the score, "In the opinion of Saint-Saens, pianists are a strange, almost animal-like species, playing endless, boring scales with the utmost seriousness."  The beginning student assigned this role was unable to attend, so I took that part.  I think my students were impressed by the utmost seriousness with which I executed those scales!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Noteworthy Newsletter

It’s official.  I became a gramma on August 5; a bouncing baby boy, the apple of my eye, my pride and joy.  But I digress.  Piano is my life, and you, my students are also my pride and joy, don’t ever doubt it!

The school year is upon us. I will offer lessons Monday through Thursday, beginning September 9, 2019 and running through June 11, 2020.  Tuition remains the same at $120 per month for weekly, 30-minute lessons.  Longer (and shorter) lessons are available.

A few holidays are worked into the schedule.  Specifically, the week of Thanksgiving, December 23 through January 3, the week of February 17, 2020, and a sliding Spring Break. 

To show off their summer accomplishments, my summer students will present Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals on Friday, September 13.  Please note the date change.  This performance will take place at 5:30 at Centennial United Methodist Church, 8 W. 2nd Street.  Street parking is an option—meters stop at 5:00 -- and there are garages within walking distance.  My adult students are also partaking in this event.  I am so excited!  Also, pencil in Saturday, October 26 for the Halloween Recital.  I will be out of town that weekend and I need a parent to fill in for me.  Any volunteers?
The week of September 2-6 is a piano holiday for my school-age students: get back into the school routine; we will commence lessons again the week of September 9.  In the meantime, please confirm your fall lesson slot.  And even though you don’t have lessons, please continue to practice.  We have a performance in 2 weeks!