Saturday, January 18, 2020

Snow Day?

Funny how the weather forecast shapes your day.  Slightest hint of snow and plans get cancelled right and left.  Just because schools close early does not necessarily mean the streets are icy.  A heavy snowfall in Emmittsburg does not always translate to snow in downtown Frederick.

Think about it.  School buses move lots of kids.  In Frederick County alone, there are upwards of 42,000 registered students in public schools, and close to 5800 public school employees.  The powers-that-be need to consider the safe transportation of all these folks when they make the call to close schools.  Sometimes they overreact, miscalculate.  In such instances, I'm still open for business.

I once had to call a "snow day" in September!  Hurricane Irene blew through, took down trees and power lines.  Yes, school were closed then too. 

So,no, I don't have a snow policy.   Since I teach at home, it's no problem for me to get to work!  My students might have a legitimate excuse, but not always.  Mostly, rain or snow, I remain open.