Friday, January 26, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

And it's about time!  Toni is back, and hopes to be more blog-friendly this year.  I happened upon an article from 2013 that piqued my interest.  Check out 

This is your brain on Vivaldi and Beatles
Listening to music activates large networks in the brain, but different kinds of music are processed differently. A team of researchers has developed a new method for studying music processing in the brain during a realistic listening situation. Using a combination of brain imaging and computer modeling, they found areas in the auditory, motor, and limbic regions to be activated during free listening to music.
and then perhaps follow up with a more current study,    
Your brain responses to music reveal if you're a musician or not
How your brain responds to music listening can reveal whether you have received musical training, according to new research. By applying methods of computational music analysis and machine learning on brain imaging data collected during music listening, the researchers we able to predict with a significant accuracy whether the listeners were musicians or not.
All fascinating!  I hope to make more time to read articles such as these throughout the year.  I'll share the good stuff.  
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