Saturday, September 29, 2018

I challenge you to a duet!

Two weeks ago, a few of my summer students got together to play duets. They had each been working on their part of their duet.  I had played with them at earlier lessons, but this was the first time they met together with their duet partners.  They had so much fun working together.  They were patient with each other, and offered suggestions if their partner stumbled. 

We had reserved 45 minutes for them to learn to play together, then we invited the parents to hear their accomplishments.  What a treat!  The parents were obviously proud of their kids, and happy to hear the completed piece.  (It hadn't occurred to me that they were hearing only part of the music all summer long.  They knew something was missing, and hearing the duet played together was satisfying.)  I was especially tickled that they had learned to listen for their partner.  They started together, maintained tempo, and ended together. 

When we finished with the duets, the kids took turns playing solo music that they had been working on.  It was a party!  A definite success, and something they've asked to repeat.