Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hee, ha, I love my job!  Earlier this month, my students performed their annual Halloween mini-recital for the residents of Sunrise Assisted Living.  The Activities Director had us set up in the cafe, a new performance space for us.  It was a more intimate space, easier for the residents to enjoy the children's performance.

It was a perfect performance.  The kids were happy to be there, enthusiastic to share their most recent repertoire, and they were well received.  They each played more than one selection; two girls had even composed their own creepy tunes.  I loved Opposite of Fun; Claire explained that it starts happy-go-lucky, but as the Halloween evening wears on, night begins to fall, and it gets scary. She did an excellent job,  and used most of the keyboard to describe the fright of the night.

The Sunrise staff is always welcoming, and treats the children and adult alike with cookies and juice after the performance.  The following week, we changed our focus to holiday music.  As musicians, we prepare to celebrate the holiday at least a month early, so by the time Christmas is upon us, we can play those carols with confidence.  Anyone walking by my house this month has heard many versions of Jingle Bells.  We're planning a Twelfth Night party to enjoy lots of Jingle Bells and other winter fare. Oh, I love this time of year!