Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween! part 2

The residents of Sunrise Assisted Living had a big day last Sunday.  An hour of music, piano and vocal, followed by juice and cookies, made for a fun-filled afternoon.  My piano students entertained with Halloween Carols.  I was proud of each of them -- they introduced themselves and spoke about the music they would play.  They were poised and articulate.  Good job, kids!

After the piano portion of the event,  a seven-person, high school choral group led the residents in a sing-along.  I accompanied them as they shared music dear to the residents' ears.  Most of the residents joined in singing -- they had the words printed out to read, but I think most of them already knew most of the songs.  Unfortunately for me, I had my back to them the whole time, but I could hear their enthusiasm as they all sang together.

I am hoping for a reprise concert in December.  Not the same music, but the same venue and performers.  The pianists are already working on some Christmas music to perform.  Just have to get the high school choristers pumped to come back.  That shouldn't be too tough; they may have had more fun than any of us!