Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Halloween

My young students are gearing up for Halloween.  We are presenting a mini-recital at Sunrise Assisted Living next weekend.  The kids are excited; the music they have chosen is a whole lot of fun.  I even have one student who has written her own Halloween composition.  She calls it The Opposite of Fun, and she uses the whole keyboard to describe a spooky, not-so-fun Halloween night.

It's funny how different people respond to their assignments.  I told everyone that I was challenging them this fall.  I am pushing a little harder than in the past.  Some step right up to the plate, and conquer the tricky passages without much complaint.  Others look at the music and say that there's no way they can play it.  We approach it phrase by phrase, measure by measure if needed, and they come out claiming how easy it was to learn!

I am very proud of my students' achievements already this fall.  I'll write again after the mini-recital with a review of their performances.  I am looking forward to it.  Happy Halloween!