Saturday, November 9, 2019

And it worked!

And it worked!  I took a 2-week vacation, left my students with a Practice Challenge to practice every day with a critical ear, to listen for a steady tempo, a crisp staccato, a convincing phrase.  Upon my return, they each had one lesson before our post-Halloween recital.  I was so pleased!  They were prepared to perform.  A little tweaking, perhaps, here and there, but these kids knew their music, and certainly convinced me.

We held our post-Halloween recital last night.  Seven of us performed, including myself.  (A revelation from my last recital -- my students never hear me perform, so why not put myself in the program?)  We played in a 119 year old church downtown, and the acoustics were great!   The space was filled with creepy Halloween music oozing from the rafters.  Oh, I was thrilled!  Special thanks to Naomi, Michael, Reese, Radar, Josie and Ande for sharing their talent.  I think we had 30 people in the audience.  And thank you, Christena, for the cupcakes!

Almost forgot.  After the performance, while we mingled and enjoyed cupcakes and sparkling cider, the kids continued to entertain us on 2 pianos, at the same time!  I think everyone played through their Halloween pieces again, and played other favorites.  A musical montage.  Oh, I loved it!

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