Friday, August 18, 2017

Summertime. and the living is...

[Oops -- I never posted this.  So, 2 months later, here you go.]

Unbelievably, I've been in my new location for one full year.  Where did all the time go?  I visited my former home last night; the new owners were kind enough to invite me to see their improvements.  I told them, I could never envision selling my house; I would hate the new owners because they changed my house, or I would be so jealous because they changed my house!  I can't hate these new owners.  They are salt of the earth wonderful, and have made only beautiful improvements.  So, I guess I'm just jealous.  And very happy.  They are taking great care of the old homestead.  I have a much smaller place to care for, in a different town with so much going for it.  A very good situation all around.

Summer is here.  Temperatures are soaring into the mid- to high-90s.  Folks are staying behind closed doors, and it's only June 14.  As a music teacher, I find this weather promising.  My students have more time to practice, thus more time to improve their piano skills, even while on vacation!

School finished last week, and "formal" lessons as well.  Don't get me wrong.  Lessons have not stopped.  I teach 12 months a year.  The summer schedule is merely more relaxed in order to accommodate vacations and camps.  I will be travelling this summer as well.  I ask that all students continue with at least 6 lessons over the 12 week summer break.

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