Saturday, October 29, 2016


Just a quick check in.  I arrived at the recital location early, but not ahead of my students!  They were the first to check in.  Since I was not in charge, I had the pleasure of chatting with them and their parents and grandparents before the recital began.  I relished that opportunity -- in the past, I was always too busy setting up and confirming arrivals.  I could relax today.  Someone else was in charge.

The recital was a hit.  Twelve young pianists played their heart out.  Everyone was beaming, (except for Darth Vader, who was behind a mask, even when he performed!).  Yes, everyone was in costume too, even most of the teachers!  Two of the teachers played the role of emcee and assistant.  Armed with balloons and dressed as characters from the movie Up, they shared jokes to lighten the atmosphere for these young performers.  For many of these kids, it was there first recital, and they were a bit nervous.  The adults' corny behavior put everyone at ease.  Each child received a certificate and treats at the end of the program.  I was so very proud of my students' accomplishments today.

I have some pictures which I hope to post later next week.  Check back Friday.

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