Saturday, July 30, 2016

This just in, from Frederick!

I have just recently moved to Frederick, MD, and I'm taking the summer months to get situated and explore my new hometown.  So far I like what I see.  I've been to see a play and an art show, enjoyed a concert at the park just about every weekend, eaten my way around town, and toured a few wineries. Who knew Frederick was home to such viniculture?  It's a relatively new industry here, but the hills and valleys surrounding this city are quite conducive to growing grapes of such varieties that the wines from this area are enjoyable!  The fireworks in the park last night were spectacular.

I have been enjoying time at the piano this summer. I have read through volumes of lesson books, beginner to advanced, as well as supplemental materials.  I am currently reading Music Makes Your Child Smarter,  by Phillip Shepard.  I am familiar with the premise but had not appreciated the amount of research to back up the thought.  No, it does not necessarily make your child smarter, but it opens neural pathways, thus allowing the brain to be more receptive to processing and storing information.  The key is creating music, playing an instrument, engaging the brain in the creative process.

That's where I come in.  I am just setting up shop, as it were, here in Frederick. I plan to open my studio door in September.  The piano is tuned, I've just ordered new glasses so I can see the music, and I  am eager to get started.  Part of my plan is to write here once a week.  Wish me luck in that endeavor.  Here in my new abode, tiny house, tiny yard, I think I will find the time to get more accomplished.

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