Saturday, September 1, 2012

Adult Soiree

I had 6 adult students at the community college this past summer.  I love teaching adults.  They take lessons because they want to, not because mommy wants them to.  They take practice time seriously, and admonish themselves when they don't meet their own expectations.  Makes my job easy.

My adult students are at both ends of the experience spectrum, and all are enthusiastic about their progress over the summer session.  The absolute beginner learned Jingle Bells, and given the extreme temperatures this summer, it helped her to cool down each evening.  A more advanced student worked on Grieg's Norwegian Concerto.  When she and I first met over the phone, she exclaimed that she wanted to play "that piece that goes buumm, bump bump buumm,"  I knew exactly what she meant, and actually have 2 copies!  Not the whole concerto, but a piano reduction.  She read through it gloriously, but the rhythm just wasn't there.  With some clapping exercises, bongo drums and rhythmic poetry, we conquered that challenge.  May I add, a good time was had by all.

I hosted an adult soiree at the end of the summer term.  One student had to back out at the last minute for work.  The others arrived, amazingly all at once.  My living room was chock full.  Everyone played beautifully, and confidently.  When the performance segment of the evening came to a close, we moved over to the dining room to share stories over wine and cheese.  Everyone had a great evening.

I am hoping to make the soiree a semi-annual event.  I have hosted soirees in the past, and get the most pleasure from watching the faces, of performer and audience alike.  The pride both in and out of the limelight is palpable.  Let's do it again!

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