Saturday, November 20, 2010

Noteworthy News ~ November 2010

(I should have posted this 3 weeks ago.  Oops.)

November is a short month.  I do not teach the week of Thanksgiving.  You can play for your grandparents before you sit down for turkey dinner.  They will love to hear you perform!  Lest there be any questions, the tuition remains the same.  There will be longer months in the new year to make up the difference.  Just makes bookkeeping easier all around.

The mini-recital is on!  We will perform for the residents of Sunrise Assisted Living on Sunday, December 5.  There are 7 of you who have responded -- I am counting on each of you to remember and to be there.

Remember also, this is not a formal recital, but an opportunity for you to show off what you have been working on, and to provide some light entertainment for the residents.  They are looking forward to you being there.  And of course, those of you who need it can earn an hour of community service for participating.

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